Handmade items with wisdom, nonsense and nostalgia. Freehand embroidery and handwritten quotes.

Handgjorda kort, lavendelpåsar, väskor med mera. Broderat, handtextat och sytt.

Handmade items with wisdom, nonsense and nostalgia.

I have always been making things really, now when I think about it. I have creativity in me that needs to get out, whether it be sewing in some way or working with wire. I make things that are meant to be used, and if something gets worn out it has filled its' purpose more than enough.
Most of my things are one of a kind, just like people are, and they are waiting for the right person to come along.

Everything - from hunting down the material, cutting, embroidering, sewing and packing is made by me - Jenny Karlsson, and all filled with best wishes and positive intentions. I make each bag and item from scratch.


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